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About Purchase and Sale Agreements

Purchase and Sale Agreements come in a variety of forms that most real estate brokers provide for their clients when purchasing a home.  Usually a Buyer sees a property they are interested in and they make an offer to the Seller to purchase the property.  Often the offer has a deposit attached to it so that the Seller knows that the Buyer is serious.  Most real estate brokers have their own contract preparation program that automatically inserts their own corporate logo and most use the FAR/BAR contract which is mutually approved by both the Florida Bar and the Florida Association of Realtors.

If a lawyer is preparing the Purchase and Sale Agreement more often than not they will use the BAR contract that is only approved by the Florida Bar.  If the offer is on commercial property many times the attorney will use their own contracts inserting certain provisions as deemed necessary for certain situations.  The lawyer preparing the contract will always be filling out the contract with the best interest of their client in mind.  Attorneys are taught to think in terms of “What could go wrong and how can I protect my client?”


I would avoid contracts located on the internet or in stores like Office Depot. Often these forms are not State specific and could be outdated. When making any significant purchase it is always good to have an attorney there to prepare or at least review the details of the transaction before you sign your name on the dotted line.

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