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Child Support

About Child Support

When there is a minor child(ren) involved in the divorce the Court will require Child Support for them. Each parent is required to provide for financial support for their child(ren) until the child(ren) reaches the age of maturity (18 years old), graduates from High School, joins the Military, emancipates or marries.

Child Support is based on an accounting formula provided by Florida Statute.


The calculation will take into consideration many factors such as the income of the parties (including alimony if applicable), the number of overnights spent with each parent and the cost of health insurance or after care. Special needs of the child(ren) may be taken into consideration as well. If one party is not working or is under employed quite often income is imputed to that party.


Child Support Guidelines are governed by Florida Statute 61.30 and please check our resources for a Child Support Calculator program.

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