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About Buyer Representation

All buyers of real estate want to make sure that when they close of their new purchase they have clear title. Clear title means that there are no liens on the property they are purchasing. When purchasing real estate all buyers should seriously consider hiring an attorney to protect their investment. While many buyers rely on the experience of their realtor, the realtor is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice to their buyers. Realtors are knowledgeable in locating properties based on the buyer’s requirements. They are familiar with school districts and neighborhoods. They are experienced in MLS listings and contract preparation, but having an attorney provides an extra level of experience. We can also act as Escrow Agent for all deposits required by the Contract.

Our firm uses Florida Bar approved contracts and we are always looking to protect our client’s interests. We can prepare offers for Purchase and Sale and make sure that the Buyer will have recorded and unrecorded liens uncovered, make sure that an open permit search is conducted and any open permits properly closed at the expense of the Seller. We check the Title Commitment prepared by the Title Company or Agent and make sure that all Commitment requirements are met and provided for review prior to closing. Our office will work with the Buyer’s Lender (if applicable) to make sure all loan requirements are met with in a timely manner and confirm all closing costs involved with the Title Company. We will review all the Seller Documents provided the transfer of the property prior to the Seller signing and when required attend closing with the Buyer.


Power of Attorney services are available upon request. Mail away document signing is reviewed prior to documents being sent to the Buyer. We can also provide referrals for Inspection and Survey companies that are reliable and reasonably priced.

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