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Domestic Violence

About Domestic Violence

The first thing that you should do if there is an issue with domestic violence in your relationship is report any incident to the police by dialing 911. If there is any injury to you it should be documented with photographs and medical reports. The more documentation you have the easier it will be to receive the protection you deserve.

 If your life is threatened or you feel that you are in danger there are several shelters available to protect women and children from violence.


The first step after calling 911 and documenting the injuries is to find a place for shelter until the filing of a Petition for Temporary Injunction.  We must prove to the Court that the threat is real or imminent and that you require protection from the Court in the form of an Injunction. If the Temporary Injunction is granted your spouse will be served with the Order and required to maintain a certain distance from you and your children.


The Court may allow for time sharing through supervised visitation depending on the circumstances.  The Temporary Injunction is only good for 15 days and if you want to have it extended you will need to appear back in Court with evidence as to why the threat is still real and you need continued protection.  Florida Statute Chapter 741.


Permanent injunctions or defense of an accusation of domestic violence is normally referred out to a criminal attorney.

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